$29 Lifetime Tutoring

Deal Ends February 28, 2018!
Call Bill at (518) 428-1082 for more information!

Grab 2 of your best friends and create a group.  All of the tutors below have agreed to provide tutoring for just $29/hour per student...until you graduate from high school!

You must contact us by February 28, 2018!
*You must have your first session by March 15, 2018!  After that, meet with your tutor as often as needed. 
*This deal is only good when all 3 students attend a session!
*If a student leaves the group, it is the responsiblity of the remaining students to find a replacement.
*This rate is good for all content areas and subjects, including SAT and ACT prep!
*A group can receive this rate from multiple participating tutors!
*If you prefer a group of 2, the rate will still only be $39/hour per student!
*If a tutor is unable to continue providing services, we will match you with another tutor at the same rate.

Karen Rogotzke

Jeremy Berman


Corey Toles

Sheila Hyer

Zakhar Berkovich

Bill Tindale