Bill Tindale
Guilderland Area

All sessions are held at the Foundation of NYS Nurses Complex.  2113 Western Ave, Guilderland.

When you know better, you do better. - Maya Angelou

Bill Tindale, co-owner of Capital Region Tutors, regularly teaches small
group SAT and ACT prep classes in Guilderland. He has years of experience
teaching both SAT and ACT concepts, and does around 500 hours of
SAT/ACT prep each year. His classes focus on teaching specific content,
recognizing tricks and traps, establishing proper pacing, mastering the
format of the test, and increasing performance under pressure. It is Bill's
goal to use each session as efficiently as possible to teach the most
important concepts and strategies. Bill has a Master’s Degree in
Educational Psychology from the College of St. Rose…and he makes sure
he uses every ounce of what he learned as he teaches these classes!

My son did SAT tutoring with Bill over the summer
and Sept. to get ready for the test in Oct. He
increased his score by 260 points. My son received his acceptance letters this fall with merit scholarships to the college of his choice. Can't thank Bill enough.  Wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with. Would recommend to anyone whose child needs help with test taking. S.C.

All sessions are held at the Foundation of NYS Nurses Complex.  2113 Western Ave, Guilderland.

Additional Testimonials

I highly recommend Bill Tindale and his entire team at Capital Region Tutors for SAT/ACT prep!  After just 5 sessions my son increased his SAT test score by 170 points!  Bill & Chris present the material in a way that gives students the confidence they need.  They are flexible and allow you to work in small groups.  I can't say enough about the amazing SAT/ACT prep you will receive with Capital Region Tutors!  Ellen Snyder

Bill was simply amazing with my daughter. A few lessons and her SAT score dramatically improved. He pinpointed which areas she should study that would give her the greatest chance at improving her score. She felt so much more confident and relaxed. I will definitely be using Bill for my other children.  MV

What a great experience - our two sons attended small group sessions to prepare for the SAT. They thought the classes were very helpful, and actually looked forward to attending! The sessions familiarized them with the structure of the test and taught them strategies to help maximize their scores - which turned out to be SO much better than any of us were expecting... these test prep sessions were agreat investment and gave our boys the confidence they needed to perform their best on the SAT.  Amanda Avery

Bill's small group classes helped me raise my score 100 points because he made sure everyone participated in the lesson and gave us really helpful techniques and strategies to use during the test.  Caroline Jasiewicz

Absolutely top notch! My son (along with many teens) are particular especially when it comes to academics. Colby always enjoyed Bill's tutoring style and never had a problem getting to sessions or completing practice work. Smaller classroom setting with friends was ideal. Bill worked with us to focus in on areas of improvement after the first SAT, and Colby's score increased 100 points even after a solid score on the first exam. Already looking forward to sending our daughter to Bill in a couple years. Worth every penny and more.  Robert Hoffman

Thanks to Mr. Tindale’s SAT review classes, my score went up 200+ points. I highly recommend this class to everyone who is taking the SAT in the future.  Andrew Davenport

Working with Bill Tindale for SAT prep exceeded my expectations.  The tutoring sessions gave me the confidence I needed totackle the SAT. My scores improved by almost 200 points!  I highly
recommend his class to anyone interested in improving their score.

Bill Tindale is an outstanding SAT tutor. By teaching strategies, such as test time management, and important concepts, such as often-missed grammar rules, he equips students with the tools they need to succeed on the SAT exams. Bill’s encouraging and calm approach helps boost students' test-taking confidence so they are in the best frame of mind for taking the exam. Bill adapts his focus based on student’s specific goals, resulting in each student performing at the highest level. We are incredibly pleased with our student's SAT scores!  R.G.

What a wonderful experience my daughter had taking the SAT review classes with Bill Tindale. With his guidance, her score went up a total of 130 points. Every session she would come home saying she really is getting something out of the classes.  He went above and beyond with my daughter and always took time out of his busy day to answer any phone call of mine or text.  This is a wonderful program and I highly recommend it.  Thank you so much!!!  Patti Haldeman
We have used this tutoring program for 4+ years for 2 high schoolers. Would highly recommend. The tutors are knowledgeable, professional and positive.  Nancie and Bill Tindale are as dedicated to our child’s success as we are. Bill reached out to our daughter to provide extra support so our daughter could reach her goal. SAT score rose 100+ points between first and second exam.  Thank you to D & T Tutoring!  C.B.
So thankful that we found Bill to work with my daughter one on one over the summer to help her improve her ACT scores. Not only was Bill flexible in fitting us in to his busy schedule but also was willing to accommodate my daughter's schedule. She really enjoyed working with him and was able to increase her ACT score by 4 points! So happy! I highly recommend Bill!    Karen Canty
Bill worked with our son to prepare him for the verbal (reading, writing, language) and math portions of the SAT exam.  Bill was able to instruct our son in a manner that made it easy for our son to grasp the structure of the exam, learn strategies to employ when answering the questions, and how to manage his time when taking the exam.  Most importantly, Bill was able to teach our son in a way that our son was consistently engaged and as a result learned a wealth of information about the SAT.  Going into the exam, our son felt confident that he was well prepared and could perform his best.  We can't thank Bill enough for his efforts!  We highly recommend him.  R.B.

My son just received his SAT scores and we could not be more thrilled! His scores from the PSAT to the SAT went up 330 points! Bill from D&T  Tutoring worked with him and we are so thankful. He helped my son become more knowledgeable about what to expect on the test and reviewed the information that was critical for him to know. Most of all, I feel like Bill made him more confident about his abilities and that helped him to excel!!! We are forever grateful and highly recommend D&T Tutors!  Michele Ryan

I had such a great experience working with Mr.Tindale for SAT prep in both individual and group sessions. He helped increase my score tremendously. He was so encouraging, motivating, and fun to work with throughout the entire process. I felt that he created a prep plan specific to my needs, skills, and abilities. He prepared me for the test by working on what I felt I needed, as well as identifying common errors and helpful strategies for taking the test. I would highly recommend Mr.Tindale to anyone looking to start prep or improve their SAT scores!  Caroline Murphy
My son did SAT tutoring with Bill over the summer and Sept. to get ready for the test in Oct. He increased his score by 260 points. My son received his acceptance letters this fall with merit scholarships to the college of his choice. Can't thank Bill enough. Wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with. Would recommend to anyone whose child needs help with test taking.  S.C.

As repeat customers I just can't say enough! All 3 of my kids had the opportunity to work with Bill and D and T services. Although each of them is a very different student, they all benefited greatly from the tutoring they received. They learned strategies that fit their individual learning profiles and ways to attack the test efficiently and effectively. They often would find someone who specializes in a certain section if they see a need to strengthen a certain area and all provide great feedback and communication. Bill was incredibly flexible and understanding of busy teen schedules and, unlike large classes, works to fit the kids schedules. After shopping around, his prices were unbeatable and the individual attention was beyond the bang for the buck! Bill and the other tutors don't forget about the kids when they are done and check in to make sure all went well long after the tutoring was over. Thank you D and T!    M.C.
The ACT tutoring sessions given by D and T Tutoring Service (specifically Bill) were a tremendous help. In just three sessions, I was prepared for, ready for, and eager to take the ACT. I received an awesome packet of tips for the English session, a nice overview and some advice about the reading and science sections, and a refresher course about the math section (since that was my strong point). As a group (the tutor, a friend, and myself) we walked through several practice questions in multiple practice exams. I ended up scoring above what I expected and I owe a lot of that to the wonderful tutoring that I received. Now I don't have to take it again! Thank you D and T Tutoring Service!!!  K.R.
Bill Tindale is a wonderful tutor who is dedicated to seeing his students thrive and improve!  I was tutored by Mr. Tindale for the ACT and SAT and I would 10/10 recommend him to other high schoolers interested in getting prepped for these standardized tests and improving their scores.  He was prepared every session and had so much knowledge to share with me and his other students!
Working with Bill helped me achieve the scores I was looking for! His strategies and encouragement allowed me to improve my math score, which started as my lowest, by 80 points to a near perfect score! Anyone who is looking to raise their scores or needs help preparing in general should definitely work with Bill!  Emily E.
We were very pleased with our son's improved SAT test scores after being tutored by DT services.  He improved in reading, math and writing with the greatest improvement in his weaker areas. Scheduling lessons proved easier than I thought because Mr. Tindale worked around our son's busy sports schedule.  The flexibility of group or individual tutoring allowed us to tailor our son's lessons to his needs while also helping us to afford the cost. We are very pleased to have chosen this tutoring service and would recommend it highly.  Michele Stevens
I contacted Bill when my son wanted to retake the SAT.  Bill worked with a group of five boys leading up to the SAT.  My son increased his score by 50 points, he is very pleased with his current score.  We used another local well known test prep service in the past and my son was very disappointed in both their group and individual sessions.  He was extremely pleased with Bill as were the other boys in the group.  Bill was engaging and encouraging and taught them many strategies for taking the SAT, the boys walked away feeling they were well prepared for the test.  I highly recommend using D and T tutoring over the other local well know test prep service.  Well known does not always mean well regarded.  Kristin A.
My two friends and I have been having tutoring sessions with Bill since around last fall. We LOVE Bill! We always looked forward to our session. They were a nice mix of learning and fun. We felt comfortable getting answers wrong and weren't embarrassed at all. He taught us all the great tricks and traps to approach each question.  We all improved our scores so much! We could tell he genuinely wanted us to succeed. I strongly recommend Bill!   C.A.
After being disappointed with her SAT score, my daughter worked with Bill Tindale for several sessions to develop test taking strategies before retaking the test.  As a result, her overall scored improved by 200 points!  Bill helped her develop the confidence she needed to be successful on the test.  He is professional, prompt and organized.  He came prepared with a plan for each session and my daughter was comfortable working with him.  We were very pleased with our experience and would highly recommend Bill if you are looking for a tutor!  J.S.

Bill Tindale was very knowledgeable, thorough and easy to understand while preparing my daughter for the SATs.  His strategies and guidance in each of the subject areas provided her with valuable counseling while helping her gain the confidence and mental preparedness she needed to succeed. We are very pleased with the results!  G.G.
A big THANK YOU to Bill for all of his expertise and kind manner in which he prepared my child for the SAT Test.  He knows how to assess the student to see where they are at and where to focus the most prep.  He also had lots of tips on how to manage the test efficiently and in the timely manner it needs.  Not only is he great at what he does - He is a nice person too!  He sincerely wants your child to succeed! I would highly recommend Bill to your student.  C.E.
Our daughter had a very positive experience working with Mr. Tindale in preparation for the ACT and SAT. He was very thorough yet set a very comfortable pace for her. I highly recommend this tutoring service. The quality of instruction is superb!  M.G.
Mr. Bill Tindale is one of the best tutors I have worked with. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very efficient.  In only a few lessons, Mr. Tindale managed to bring my son's ACT score from 26 to 33. I can not thank him enough for such a great job.  Dr. Ilham AlMahamid
Our son, a senior in HS, took the SAT in May and again in October. His scores improved by 230 points! It was clear after the first test that he had issues with time management and needed strategies for narrowing down possible answers. After several sessions with Bill, his confidence level increased and he felt less anxious going into the second test. We are very pleased with the result and our son was thrilled that his higher test scores brought him to the target range he needed for the colleges he is looking at. The investment in tutoring was well worth it!!   L.S.
Our daughter was preparing for her second SAT and I knew that she would be able to find a quality tutor with Capital Region Tutors, having had great success with them previously. Her experience, however, exceeded our expectations. She thoroughly enjoyed working with Bill! He understood her athletic mindset and was able to channel that creative energy in ways that had her ready for the exam. She felt supported and encouraged and most of all, really felt prepared to take the exam, KNOWING she was going to do her best. He was helpful, positive and accommodating, and I can easily state that she would not have been as successful without his services.  M.E.
My daughter just completed ten weeks of SAT preparation and once again, we are very pleased with the tutoring services we have received. Bill had a complete study plan in place prior to their first session. He was not only knowledgable on the subject matter, but also patient and encouraging. His feedback was always honest and supportive, and I know this preparatory work helped build my daughter's confidence as she went into her first attempt at the SAT. Her scores were excellent, and I am confident this is due in large part to the excellent tutoring from D & T. Thank you!     T.B.
I just wanted to say what a valuable service your company provides.  Bill not only helped my daughter raise her SAT/ACT scores by teaching her the techniques needed to reach that next leve, he empowered her and encouraged her which is invaluable.  I have and will continue to recommend your company to others.  K.S.

Caroline Jasiewicz ​​

Andrew Davenport