Jeff Burns
SAT/ACT, Math, English, GRE, GMAT, LSAT

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. - Solomon Ortiz

Jeff has been tutoring professionally for the past 17 years and has worked with students from virtually every school in the Capital Region.  He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago and tutors a very diverse set of subjects, specializing in the SAT, ACT, and Math.  Having prepared students for the SAT and ACT for so long, he knows the tests inside and out and has a proven lesson plan to help students achieve their goal scores.  He’s tutored high school Math for almost as long as the SAT and ACT and specializes in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.  He works hard to explain Math concepts in the simplest and most straightforward way possible.  For Jeff, the most important thing is that his students succeed and gain confidence in their future studies.  Over the years, he’s made amazing bonds with students and parents.  He’s tutored the same students from 7th Grade all the way through their senior year of high school and then gone on to work with their siblings, forming lasting relationships with them and their families.  That’s really been the most rewarding part of the job.  He looks forward to working with you!

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Jeff is an outstanding person who does an excellent job. He worked wonders with both our sons and we used him at various times and with various subjects during the high school careers of our tow sons. Jeff is absolutely top notch. Highly recommended!  T.F.

Additional Testimonials

With the help of Mr. Jeff Burns, one of my boys has been recently accepted to Cornell University for biology and Pre-Med, while the other boy is waiting for his decision letter from another prestigious university. Just last year, my two sons were looking at schools way below their current standards because they thought that scoring so high on their standardized tests would be very difficult.  Now, they are about to begin their lives in some of the greatest schools in the world.  A.A.

Jeff has worked with my daughter since the school year started. He has been helping her with Pre-Calc but when it was time to retake the SAT he offered to tutor her. I have to admit I was skeptical that having her tutored would really help that much.  I was so wrong! Jeff did a great job and was so knowledgeable about the test. My daughter had a 200 point increase! WOW I was so excited !!!  T.D.

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Burns to study for the SAT. He is enthusiastic, easy-going, and knowledgeable of the nuances of the exam. He was able to clearly, effectively, and concisely tell me exactly what I needed to improve and how to do it. I most liked his emphasis on many hours of practice without interruption. With each session, I got better and more familiar with the test. These methods were extremely effective, as can be seen in my score improvement; in three months, I went from a 1280 SAT score to a 1490 SAT score, a 210 point improvement (not super-scored). Furthermore, I was able to get a perfect writing score. He was fantastic to work with, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to others.  R.D.

Jeff helped make sense of everything on the page, guiding me through each question and its solution with ease. All these years later and I still remember looking forward to my sessions with Jeff. He helped lift the veil on a subject that so many struggle to fully comprehend and for that, I am eternally grateful.  M.R.

Jeff Burns has been a tutor for both of my children over the past four years. He has helped them primarily in math but has also tutored them for the SAT exam.  I have recommended Jeff to a number of families and have received very positive feedback. Friendly, reliable and knows his subjects; more importantly he knows how to communicate information to his students. He also reaches out directly to teachers to better understand the curriculum and teacher expectations. I highly recommend Jeff as a tutor for high school students looking for individual support and attention.  M.H.

Jeff was a major contributor to the academic success of my children.  L.P.

I received a 35 composite score on my ACT's and would have never gotten this score without Jeff's knowledge and advice. From a 1600 (out of 2400) on my PSAT's to a 35 on my ACT's (equivalent to a 2340 on the SAT's), I still am shocked at the massive score difference. Jeff truly made a difference in my life, and now I'm looking at other schools that I've never once considered to apply to due to their high standardized test scores. My dream of going to Cornell now seems much more plausible because of Jeff. I really hope he works with more students in the future and helps them overcome these tests. I want to thank Jeff so much for his time and efforts in making me a better test taker and a better person.  C.A.

As a high schooler, my ability to write and form coherent sentences was incredibly lacking, and probably considered on par with the skills of a sixth grader. I look back almost unbearably on that writing today with a sense of astonishment. Without Jeff, I would not have a deeper understanding, appreciation, and love of writing as I do now, nor would I have the gratitude for the reading skills and overwhelming amounts of books it led me to love.  He helped make tremendous strides in my academic abilities. I highly recommend Jeff as a strong asset to anyone considering him. He will inspire with his creativity, enthusiasm, intelligence, and humor.  M.E.