Important Note:   We are very selective in terms of the tutors we will work with and recommend.  Initially, a tutor whose profile shows up on this site must have excellent references, background checks, and credentials.  In the long run, a tutor must continually receive VERY positive evaluations in order to maintain a working relationship with Capital Region Tutors.  We attempt to LIMIT the number of tutors that we work with in order to maintain a standard of excellence.  So...many of our tutors have limited availability due to high demand.  PLEASE contact us as early as possible so that we can best match you with a tutor who meets your specific needs...even if you don't need the actual services immediately!  Please note that a few of our tutors with outstanding credentials may quote higher rates when you speak with them.

General Rates

Individual:  $55/hour
Group of 2:  $45/hour/student
Group of 3+: $35/hour/student


Individual:  $65/hour
Group of 2:  $55/hour/student
Group of 3+: $45/hour/student

Specific Situations

   We can customize packages (and often offer reduced rates) for all of the following:
  • Long term tutoring   10+ hours
  • Small, medium, and large groups which the customer organizes
  • Using a combination of our services (i.e. classes and individual tutoring)
  • Skype or Online Tutoring

   If you have a special situation, please call Bill at (518) 428-1082 to discuss options.