Bill Tindale and Chris Dunne are our SAT/ACT specialists.  Both have extensive experience in teaching the foundational concepts of the SAT and ACT.  Bill and Chris work with hundreds of Capital Region students each year.

Thanks to Mr. Tindale’s SAT review classes, my score went up 200+ points. I highly recommend this class to everyone who is taking the SAT in the future. A.D.

Chris was great.  'My son' really connected with him and felt so much more confident going into the test.  M.R.


Bill Tindale

Chris Dunne

What are my options?

SAT Classes
We limit our 1 hour classes to just 8 students!  Each class focuses on a specific content area: No Calculator Math, Calculator Math, Writing and Language, or Reading Comprehension.  Students can schedule classes based on
their strengths and weaknesses. Each class stands alone so students can take multiple sessions of each content area.

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Small Group Sessions
If you want to have a little more control over your tutoring schedule, consider forming a group of 2 to 4 students with the same desire to improve.  While the responsibility of forming the group is on the client, the lower rates are well worth the work.  

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Individual Sessions

Bill and Chris reserve a few hours each week for individualized instruction.  If you feel you need guidance in a specific area of the SAT or ACT, consider this option.

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